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Street Name: "The One and Only" (Law-less)
Height: 176 cm ( 5′9″ )
Age: 18 years old (in looks)
Birthdate: 24th June
Star Sign: Cancer
Favorite Food: Raw Ham, Cheese
Favorite Drink: Double Espresso
Dislikes: Dry Skin
Likes: Various Side-Jobs, Theatre
Favorite Color: Gold
Favorite Street in Japan: Shibuya


- embodies the "Truth of Greed"
- he is one of the 7 'true vampires' who can sire others
- his animal form is a tiny, cute hedgehog
- has a type: celebrities & famous people
- always kills his partners once he loses interest
- first encountered in America, being "owned" by a big-name Hollywood Starlet
- really likes Shakespeare and quotes him a lot
- has most likely been around since the 16th century
- his real name is unknown
- was pun-named "Hyde" by his current partner, Licht Jekylland Todoroki, before the latter found out what he is dealing with
- his weakness is that he has no dreams or ambitions of his own. Because of that he keeps trying to fill that hole with people who chase their goals with all their might. But because he ultimately doesn't manage to care he gets rid of them the moment he grows bored, they falter or he finds somebody more interesting.
- he is the only one of his kind who kills his partners (even though doing so will mess with his memory and sense of identity as well).
- extremely emotional and unpredictable
- tips to dealing with him: "don't" and "he's broken" (or you can just kick or punch him. if he likes you it'll take a lot before he decides to hit back)


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